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Application development
freevision s.r.o. was founded in 2012 by three classmates from high school. From the initial idea of developing software, the goals we have kept up to date have been shaped over time. We want to bring you additional value so that you can continually move forward without unnecessary obstacles. Whether in Slovakia or abroad. We are at home everywhere in the world of applications.
We develop high quality and reliable software for you. We identify your needs and look for the best technological solutions. We understand that you are not an expert in IT. Through consultations and correctly asked questions, we will find the optimal solution together.

We approach each customer individually in order to understand his expectations.

Our goal is to optimize and automate company’s business processes in the form of software to help you gain more time to build your business. We take our work personally. We are always working beyond the scope and looking for room for improvement.

The software we develop for you is equally important to us. Its quality and processing is always on high level.

Our team

Sales representative

Sales representative

The first step to customer satisfaction

He will help you understand the philosophy of our company, identify your needs and consult with you the software development. He will guide you around the world of applications and offer you opportunities to improve and simplify your business processes. He takes care you make the most of our services for your business and its development.
Project manager

Project manager

The first step to custom solution

Translates your requirements into the language of IT specialists and programmers so that the resulting product is exactly according to your ideas. He will propose solutions and be interpreter between the IT language and the final version of the application.
Programmer, developer

Programmer, developer

The first step to successful realization

There are 6 top developers in our company. They care about the exact programming, modifications, editing and maintenance of your custom-made software. They design optimal solutions, they teach the applications you already use in your company to communicate with each other, design solutions that you can always rely on and will be available whenever you want your app to learn something new.


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