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CRM systems
Underneath the shortcut CRM (Customer Relationship Management), there is a stronger relationship with customers. It is actually the satisfaction of customers with the goods and services offered. All communication and sales channels, including marketing campaigns, are tracked, information about them is collected and assigned to a particular client. Not only the client’s behavior is monitored but also the whole communication with him.
We can define CRM as an information tool that collects, processes and stores information about the client. From basic information such as personal information like name and surname, geographical location like what locations does the customer visit frequently, to the status of his or her orders, content, and so on.

The customer has basically a profile that you simply open when communicating with him, and you can quickly find out what discounts have you provided him or to what product has he reacted negatively. When a colleague communicates with the customer, thanks to the information gathered, you will know exactly what was the communication about and you can easily take it from there and continue. Thanks to the CRM system, you can quickly identify clients needs and set up communication to a mutual satisfaction.

Custom CRM system
Mobile CRM
The CRM system is linked to enterprise applications and programs such as accounting programs, invoice generating system and marketing materials.

We have experience with integrating CRM into contact centers. In the case of a contact call center, all your employees have information about the client they are talking to on a simple tab. They can identify the client easily, they have access to the overall communication history, and all relevant information is displayed in one place.

What CRM system to choose?

Operational CRM is mainly used to automate sales, service and marketing. Analytical CRM system collects, stores, and analyzes available data.

Cooperative CRM (collaborative CRM) enables interaction, collaboration between the customer and the company. To some extent, it links operational CRM and analytical CRM. Its result is better communication with the customer and a greater chance of keeping him thanks to the information collected.

Custom CRM
CRM system

What are the benefits of CRM for a business?

Thanks to the CRM system, you work with customers individually and more efficiently. The speed and relevance of the information you provide to the customer is increasing. At the same time, you do not require the same information from your customer repeatedly. This improves the overall sales pattern, and you become more distinguished from your competitors.

When rating a company, most customers emphasize communication with the company. The CRM system will help simplify communication and improve the company’s image. If an employee of the call center or a trader has information about past purchases on hand, he can quickly and easily notify the customer of the current discount on a product he purchases regularly or he can recommend a suitable add-on. Access to information takes only one click. Employees will also appreciate that they do not have to ask extra questions, but they can handle the client’s request quickly and easily.

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